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Dear LHE Families:

I enjoyed my first week with your children, we shared, discussed, debated and investigated! We practiced adding two double digit numbers using mental math skills, like Place Value Break Apart. When adding 57 to 23, I asked students to break apart into tens and ones, so in the tens place value –  50 plus 20 equals 70. Then in the ones place value, 7 plus 3 equals 10. Finally add up 70 plus 10 equals 80. This is an alternative to paper and pencil, and is valuable for mental math, where no paper and pencils are allowed.

Our classroom theme this year is Global Citizenship, my goal is to help educate your children as competent global citizens in preparation for an ever-changing world. We have witnessed vast changes these last 20 years, many of them unpredictable. How will we continue to help prepare your children for these unknown challenges?

In a globalized world, will your children need to understand how good citizenship affects our environment? In turn, will the good citizenship skills of international students affect us? Will technology skills factor in navigating in a globalized workplace? How about communication skills?

Our Global Citizenship kick-off event is the Global Read Aloud via Edmodo, beginning Oct. 6th. Five classes around the country and possibly world (if technology cooperates!) will take part in this event. We will read aloud from the Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo, and hopefully, Skype each other in real time.

The goal is to show children that they are connected to a larger world, especially as young readers. I would like them to connect the shared joy of reading with the shared joy of childhood.

Global Citizenship will inform our explorations in social studies, science, math, reading and writing. As much as possible, I would like to place our local learning practices in a larger context of global learning practices. I hope that as we continue to explore our Blue Marble, we will find that there are many more similarities amongst our global villages both near and far.

I posted my August/September Newsletter, please take a look.  Open House presentation is on Sept. 11th, please read this prior to Thursday Open House Presentation. This is the LHE school newsletter: LHH AUGSEPT 2014.

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